Seeing between the Lines – With Palm Energy Reader

Have you always wondered whether the lines on your palm and hand have any meaning or significance? Have you always wondered what energies you might possess, knowingly or unknowingly, imbibed from your ancestors or people around you? Join Rifkal, our palm and hand reader, who will analyze your palm and read your energies at the same time to help you answer questions that might haunt you about life and future. This session is one to one, online between the participant and the reader.

Peek into the Future through Tarot Divination

How often do we wonder what life has in store for us, or what is our purpose in this plane of existence. Tarot, a form of divination that taps into your energy, can offer you answers to the these questions, as well as solutions to any other problems you may have. Using spiritual methods and guidance, our in-house Tarot reader Lady Gaia will give you a one-on-one 90-minute consultation.

Align and Heal your Chakras for a well-balanced life

While the concept of chakras has existed for centuries, it is only now that people have understood the deep correlation between mental, physical and spiritual health and chakra imbalance. A lot of the mental and physical ailments we face are a result of imbalanced chakras; in this course, Wayan will conduct a complete chakra check-up and assist you in cleansing, balancing and aligning your chakras through specific meditation techniques, best yoga practices and dietary enhancements.