Seeing between the Lines - With Palm Energy Reader Rifkal

Have you always wondered whether the lines on your palm and hand have any meaning or significance? Have you always wondered what energies you might possess, knowingly or unknowingly, imbibed from your ancestors or people around you? Join Rifkal, our palm and hand reader, who will analyze your palm and read your energies at the same time to help you answer questions that might haunt you about life and future. This session is one to one, online between the participant and the reader.

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Palmistry used to be a popular and precise form of divination in ancient times and has fascinated the modern human for years causing wonderment about whether the those crevices on the palm actually mean something. There are however many skeptics, however, Rifkal will prove, just why it should be considered seriously.

Palm and hand reading acts as a guide, offering a roadmap to what could be your hidden potentials and energies. It can reveal mysteries of your ancestral heritage and spiritual prowess, to help you embrace your higher purpose and discover who you truly are.

Experience this ancient art and be mesmerized by the deep insights you are able to receive about deep-rooted issues, burning questions, and the journey ahead. This is a 90-minute online session guaranteeing 100% confidentiality.


Rifkal - Certified Psychologist And Palmist

Rifkal hails from Java, Indonesia. He now calls Bali his home. He is an experienced and educated psychology counselor, who has studied the ancient art of palmistry from very young in his life. He got so attached to it, that he made up his life's mission to help as many people as he can, by showing them the right path, as foretold by the lines on their hands.

What's unique to Rikfal is that he uses a three-pronged approach to help his clients. He not only reads the lines of the palm and hand but also uses his energy reading skills to tap into the energy of the client coupled with his psychological counseling to deeply explain the issue and the possible solutions. No matter what kind of problem you might be facing in your life, Rifkal can help you figure out a solution to come out of it.

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*As soon as you have made the payment, you will receive an acknowlegment and our Customer Service team will get in touch with you to schedule your session with Rifkal.

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*As soon as you have made the payment, you will receive an acknowlegment and our Customer Service team will get in touch with you to schedule your session with Rifkal.

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