Align and Heal your Chakras for a well-balanced life

Course Type : Online Live, Private Session
Duration : 1 Day
Session Length : 60 Min / 90 Min
Scheduling Options : As per participants' time zone and convenience
Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Price of Course : USD 30.00 / USD 45.00

Chakras are invisible but very real energy points present throughout the body. While there are a total of 114 chakras, the most powerful ones are the 7 that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Most of us live our entire lives with imbalanced chakras wondering why we have issues with self-worth, confidence, grounding, communication and other fears that cripple us.

This leaves us fatigued, frustrated, unhappy and unsuccessful. This is because the chakras directly correlate to various subconscious blocks, beliefs and traumas you may have in life, and in some cases, even past-life occurrences causing them to be blocked, imbalanced or overactive.

A session with Wayan will open your eyes to the state of your chakras, offering you deep and life-changing insights about the experiences that you attract into your life. After a complete analysis of your chakras, you will be taken through a meditation session that will focus on each chakra specifically. Additionally, you will also be given knowledge on the best yoga asanas you can incorporate into your daily life to maintain chakra health. And finally, Wayan will also study your eating habits and recommend dietary changes and foods that will strengthen your chakras. You can choose from a 60 or 90 minute session which will be conducted online, at your convenience and in complete privacy.

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