Relationship Consulting for Singles and Couples

Course Type : Online Live, Private Session
Duration : 1 session / 7 session
Session Length : 60 Minutes
Scheduling Options : As per participants' time zone and convenience
Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Price of Course : USD 25.00 / USD 140.00

Modern living and social media have made it increasingly challenging to maintain healthy relationships with partners. Insecurities and the threat of infidelity remain high on the minds of couples. On the other hand singles face the surmounting issue of finding suitable matches not without the worry of incompatibility and lack of worthiness.

Standards are running high while confidence in one’s self is at an all-time low due to the false representation of relationships online. To overcome these issues, Shivanya Yogamaya, a seasoned relationship counselor, is offering a 7 day counseling program for singles as well as couples who may require a leg up in fruitful partnerships.

Couples counseling includes: • Intimacy Issues • Infidelity Recovery • Post Marital Conflict • Pre-divorce counseling
Singles counseling includes: • Dating Challenges • Breakup Recovery • Handling Rejection • Overcoming Loneliness • Self-Love and Loving Life

Student reviews

What Our Student say about this Class?

Hi Shivanya, we had a very good time attending your couple therapy sessions. All the sessions were conducted with good energy and fun. You had a plan for each session and also home work for us to perform post each session. You even have given inputs and ideas privately to complete the tasks given in the sessions. You have shown great interest in solving the issues between us and tried many ways to see that we understand the problem between us. One special thing which lies apart is, you have not taken any sides in our arguments which was crucial to solving our relationship issues. We are glad we had a couple session therapy with you. I hope that we continue to grow from the platform you have laid for us and improve our relationship for a memorable life together, thank you.
We are glad to relate with Shivanya as our Relationship coach in the therapy sessions. She is highly energetic and a blissful person.She makes the sessions more interactive by involving both of us rather than making it a one-sided teaching.She patiently listened to our issues and provided solutions which helped us in understanding the actual needs of each other which had been missing all the time. I feel her sessions will be extremely useful for all those people who are about to be married or to the newlywed so that it becomes easy for them to develop or nurture the new relationship that is emerging between the couple and the new family, and also it gives them an idea on how to handle difficult situations if encountered in the new family.