Seeing between the Lines – With Palm Energy Reader

With Rifkal
Course Type : Online Live, Private Session
Duration : 1 session
Session Length : 60 Minutes
Scheduling Options : As per participants' time zone and convenience
Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Price of Course : USD 30.00

Palmistry used to be a popular and precise form of divination in ancient times and has fascinated the modern human for years causing wonderment about whether the those crevices on the palm actually mean something. There are however many skeptics, however, Rifkal will prove, just why it should be considered seriously.

Palm and hand reading acts as a guide, offering a roadmap to what could be your hidden potentials and energies. It can reveal mysteries of your ancestral heritage and spiritual prowess, to help you embrace your higher purpose and discover who you truly are.
Experience this ancient art and be mesmerized by the deep insights you are able to receive about deep-rooted issues, burning questions, and the journey ahead. This is a 90-minute online session guaranteeing 100% confidentiality.

Student reviews

What Our Student say about this Class?

I used to doubt about how scientific palmistry is, but that doesnt matter now, because with Rifkal everything was super correct like magic.
Titisari Raharjo
Learned alot today from Rifkal, about my headstrong little girl. I have a much better relationship with her now. thank you so much!
Aileen Tandiono