Yoga for Longevity

With Yogi
Course Type : Online Live, Private Session
Duration : 1 week / 1 month
Session Length : 60 minutes
Scheduling Options : As per participants' time zone and convenience
Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Price of Course : USD 60.00 / USD 200.00

The benefits of practicing yoga are innumerable not just for the body, but also for the mind. This Yoga for Longevity course has been designed using the principles of yoga as it was practiced in ancient times when yogis lived long, healthy lives. Through this course, you can expect many radical changes to take place within your body such as an increase in bone density, cleansing of lymph nodes, increased endurance, lowered resting heart rate, and regulation of adrenal glands.

While scientists still debate and hunt for the existence of any “elixir” that could magically ensure humans live longer healthier lives, we forget that we all have access to the power of yoga, which was designed by the ancient fore fathers to grant us just that — longevity of mind and body, so that we may live longer, happier and healthier.

In addition to this, you will also find your stress levels lowered, and a significant change in the nervous system which will allow you to sleep better. As your mind and body come to a harmonious fluidity, your body will begin to repair itself from the damage of the years allowing you to live a happier, longer, and fuller life. This course is conducted online, on a one-to-one basis with the trainer.

Student reviews

What Our Student say about this Class?

Pak Yogi is an amazing teacher! Very nice flow and I feel amazing afterwards. He really explains all poses really well and even the meaning behind the pose.
Yogi is one of my favorite trainer! His way of teaching is amazing, the vibe is great and the flow.... is just perfect A must visit class for everyone interested in real yoga.