Yoga for Spinal Strength and Organ Health

Find a permanent solution to chronic back pain, bad posture and digestive problems with twisting yoga asanas. This 7 day course has been designed to promote blood circulation, strengthen the spine and improve overall upper body muscle tone. Each session is 75 minutes long, conducted online, privately between the teacher and participant. Join this course today and optimize your lifestyle from the comfort of your home.

Yoga for Longevity

While we get caught up in the rat race of the world, let us not forget to ensure the longevity of our mind, body and soul. This course ensures that each pose is designed to alter the body chemically, mentally, and physically. Yoga for Longevity uses the fundamentals of Hatha and Pranayama to improve blood circulation, balance hormones, and more. This is a one-to-one private online session with the teacher.

Finding your Equilibrium through Root Chakra Activation Yoga

This is an online course created to help you strengthen the lower body and balance your Root Chakra which is associated with your sense of safety and stability. Lisa is a Yoga teacher with over a decade of experience and a firm believer of her Guru’s teaching that stability in feet brings stability in life. This course offers you one-on-one private online training in the comfort of your home, at your convenience.

Awakening the Kundalini through Chakra Yoga

The Kundalini is life force energy that resides at the base spine, the activation of which can lead to enlightenment. Chakra Yoga comprises of a series of Yoga practices that awaken this energy pushing it through the Chakras or energy centres present in the body. This can be a very healing experience for your body, mind and soul. Come experience with Yogi, our in house monk and yoga teacher. This is a one to one, private online session between the teacher and the participant.

Yoga To Defeat Diseases And Stress

We all are trying to overcome so many problems in our lives, diseases, stress, obesity, and many other issues. But to find the answers to our problems, we need to look inwards, not outwards. Join Sanjay, as he customizes this course to suit your body’s needs, by using classical Indian yoga techniques to help you feel better than ever before. This is a live online session between teacher and participa

Increase Your Immunity With Pranayama

Increase Your Immunity With Pranayama

Fortify your immunity with classical Pranayama. Pranayama, as described in the ancient Indian scriptures, is undoubtedly a strong way to make your body healthier, in a holistic manner. It helps boost concentration, focus, immunity, and vitality. This course will be live online between the teacher and the students.

Finding Flexibility through Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Dive Deep into your Vinyasa practice with Atika. Experience a variety of Vinyasa flows that will train your full body, resulting in an increase in overall flexibility, strength and stability. This is a one to one, private online session between the teacher and the participant.

Seeing between the Lines – With Palm Energy Reader

Have you always wondered whether the lines on your palm and hand have any meaning or significance? Have you always wondered what energies you might possess, knowingly or unknowingly, imbibed from your ancestors or people around you? Join Rifkal, our palm and hand reader, who will analyze your palm and read your energies at the same time to help you answer questions that might haunt you about life and future. This session is one to one, online between the participant and the reader.

Peek into the Future through Tarot Divination

How often do we wonder what life has in store for us, or what is our purpose in this plane of existence. Tarot, a form of divination that taps into your energy, can offer you answers to the these questions, as well as solutions to any other problems you may have. Using spiritual methods and guidance, our in-house Tarot reader Lady Gaia will give you a one-on-one 90-minute consultation.

Rewire your Subconscious through Affirmations and Energy Centre Tapping (EFT)

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a modern day alternative therapy. By tapping on energy meridians in the body, this technique can help you release fears, anxiety, and bad habits. Practicing EFT regularly significantly improves your quality of life as it restores balance to your body’s energy which in turn relieves negative experiences and stress. Shivanya, believes that this technique can help you with not just mental, but also any physical concerns you may have. Join this online, one-to-one private session today.